1. The deposit left when making your booking is taken off the total cost of the tattoo on the day of your session. 


2. Your deposit is completely non refundable. The value of the deposit is set by the shop manager and differs from piece to piece. 


3. If 48 hours notice is not given and/or you do not turn up for your appointment, your deposit will be lost and cannot be reused as a deposit on any appointment being re booked or booking a new appointment. 


Moving an appointment: 


1. The artist has the right to reschedule your appointment in the event of health problems or personal circumstances. 


2. Customers may be contacted via phone or email before their session if any issues arise. Customers must update us with their new details in case of this and so as to avoid disappointment if rescheduling must be done. 


3. We reserve the right to move or alter appointments considerably with Guest Artists whose travel is disrupted through no fault of Addiction Tattoos studios. Every opportunity possible will be provided to accommodate you as our customer in these circumstances. 


Before the session: 


1. A full day session lasts between 5 and 7 hours of tattooing OR to the quality and size that is decided by management to be appropriate for a full day price. 


2. No ID = No tattoo. Accepted forms of ID include: Passport, Driving license, National ID card. 


3. We reserve the right to refuse to do a tattoo if the client appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or the customer cannot provide a valid form of ID. 


4. We advise that there is no alcohol consumption a minimum of 48 hours before the start of the session, a level of alcohol in the blood can have an adverse affect and should we feel the need to terminate a session due to this full payment for the session will still be required.  


5. By leaving a deposit for your session with our studio, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. Any breach of these terms will result in the loss of your deposit. 




1. All of our tattoos are custom designs, the client will be able to see the design on the day of session or earlier if the artist suggests that a consultation is required. 


2. Our staff have the right to refuse the tattoo design if: 
-If includes words in a foreign language and the artist is not 

100% sure about the translation. 

-In the opinion of the staff the design will not create a good tattoo. 

-It includes racist/fascist/homophobic references. 




1. The price is quoted to the customer when booking the appointment. 


2. The price of the tattoo is influenced by the detail, size and placement on the skin. 


3. If the session is finished early due to the client, not because of the studio or the artist, then the customer is required to pay the full price of the session. 


4. Addiction Tattoos will charge a set price for a piece; this means that the price is set regardless of how long the tattoo takes. 


5. We will only charge the piece per hour in certain cases, for e.g. continuation of a single piece that stretches over more than one session. 


6. Payment for the tattoo is taken once the session is finished – we accept CASH, card payments & bank transfer. Please have the appropriate means of payment with you when you arrive at the studio. 




1. All Customers must notify us of any health conditions or regular medication before a deposit is taken to secure a session. Even minor health issues must be discussed prior to the creation of an appointment. If requested a client must bring a GP note stating that in the professional opinion of the GP the condition/medication should have no impact on the clients ability to receive a treatment. Should a GP note have been requested failure by the client to produce such a note before or on the day of the session would result in the client’s deposit being lost and the session being terminated without exception. 


2. Occasionally, we take photographs during the tattoo process which may be used on our social media pages and for advertising purposes. 


3. Your contact details will be used by Addiction Tattoos LTD only.